Why Canvass?

There are many mobile engagement platforms, but none have the compelling incentive to engage that Canvass has via our goCharge mobile charging stations. And there are many types of charging stations that can effectively deliver a charge but do not lead to an on going customer relationship.

Canvass is the only mobile engagement platform that does both. Every person who comes into contact with our mobile charging stations at an event or venue becomes a prospect for an ongoing engagement…

We don’t just hand over the data, we manage a mobile campaign that keeps these people engaged and closer to your brand.


The Canvass platform interacts with consumers without requiring the download of an app

Meaningful Incentive

Charging a cell phone or responding to a relevant offer is one of the most meaningful incentives to engage.


Reduce expensive human labor costs associated with interacting with multiple consumers at once


Built to manage many campaigns at once, the Canvass Platform can fit any consumer outreach program


Segment the subscriber database with categories that fit your individual campaigns and consumers’ preferences


Provide the ability to complete in-the-moment transactions; capitalize on impulse purchases and mobile orders.