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Canvass Services at a Glance


Send emails to any web-enabled phone, tablet, or computer.

Secure Messaging:

Send sensitive information securely to all web-enabled phones.

Text (SMS) Messaging:

Communicate with any text-capable phone and deliver links to audio, video, and web pages. Our opted-in SMS program uses our Behavioral Rx™ predictive technology to respond to users’ responses and serve them with compelling content.

Data Appending

Canvass has a robust data appending capability that can instantaneously match the mobile number (acquired via SMS) with names, addresses, demographics and other customized fields.

Campaign Subscriber Management

A full suite of tools is included to allow marketing managers perfect visibility into the campaigns and lists that were built using the Canvass software.

Managers can access the subscriber database to micro-target messaging to individual subscribers or endless sub-sets of subscribers.

Managers can change the messaging on stations as well as obtain traffic and usage metrics for charging stations on a real-time basis.

A Multitude of Uses For Canvass

U.S. Marketers spent $22 billion in sponsorships this past year. Sponsored events clearly work in creating engaging brand experiences. The millions of attendees leave with positive brand feelings, but feelings are fleeting. Generating true ROI on those sponsorships requires gaining and/or retaining customers.

Canvass begins at the event and maintains and builds the relationships that were forged there, turning attendees into fans and customers.

A mobile charge is the spark that ignites the power of Canvass. A needed charge at an event places your brand into a key role. Turning that goodwill into ongoing engagements is the value added by Canvass.

Canvass delivers:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Surveys
  • App downloads
  • Instant Sweepstakes
  • On-Going Relevant Offers
  • Data Appending
  • Customer Retention Programs