The Customer Experience

Canvass provides an intuitive interface that utilizes SMS to activate the system. A user texts to charge a phone or participate in an offer posted on the charging station. They receive an immediate response asking whether they want to charge, participate in the promotion, or both. With our Behavioral Rx AI technology, we utilize their unique responses to conduct an individualized one on one campaign tailored to their needs and responses.

Case Study: Ford

Ford integrated Canvass Campaign with their TV, print, and radio advertising to drive consumers into their dealerships:

  • 18% cross make (Honda and Toyota owners subscribing to a Ford offer)
  • 70% of requests lead to registration
  • 42% offer redemption rate
  • 38% subsequent up-sell

“The results were well above my expectations in terms of the number and pace of customer response, dealership satisfaction with the program, the large amount of non-Ford vehicles redeeming certificates and the amount of up-sell.”

-Eric Kwiatkowski, Account Manager, Cincinnati Ford Dealer Ad Fund

Case Study: Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest deployed the Canvass Platform to support their print ads.

  • Over 26,000 sweepstakes entries in one month
  • Provided verifiable advertiser ROI

“Our advertisers have come to appreciate how uniquely engaged readers are with Reader’s Digest, and our new mobile engagement partnership is going to deepen these relationships still further with a valuable mobile content experience.”

-Mark Josephson, VP and Chief Sales Officer of The Reader’s Digest Association

Case Study: Barbizon Models

Barbizon Models recruits aspiring models at malls throughout America. Barbizon utilized the goCharge Canvass platform at selected malls where an offer was made on a charging station to participate in a contest for a trip to New York.

Results: 1,054 leads were captured (a 50% conversion rate. Of these leads, over 1/2 were deemed to be “qualified”. This translated into a cost per lead that was significantly lower than the cost paid by Barbizon for other mall-based programs.