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With the goCharge Canvass platform you can connect with your audience in real-time, providing them a needed charge and relevant content, an easier way to engage, and immediate access whenever they want it, on an ongoing basis

goCharge and Canvass: A Winning Combination

Canvass started as an idea for goCharge to enrich a mobile charging experience at a venue and turn that into a powerful customer relationship. First and foremost, phones need to stay charged now more than ever, especially in places and events that attract lots of visitors and attendees. That has been the primary mission of goCharge and as a result, goCharge has now become the leader in commercial mobile charging.

As the goCharge business has grown, it became clear that charging stations have become a mandatory feature to be deployed in venues and events where hosts wanted to keep visitors and attendees engaged. Keeping a cell phone charged meets the first hurdle, since a dead phone is useless. But what happens to all of those people once they charge their phones, or long after the event?

That’s Why We Created Canvass

Canvass is a proprietary mobile engagement platform that uses the act of charging a phone as the spark that launches an ongoing mobile relationship.

Canvass utilizes SMS as the gateway to a mobile relationship. Text a keyword to us, and we will open a locker, charge a phone, enter you into a sweepstakes, take a survey, provide you with a downloadable app, or any other relevant mobile engagement that the moment calls for. From there, we will conduct an ongoing mobile campaign that will keep the user engaged and turn the attendees into customers.

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